Find insurance brokers 
in *California*.

Find insurance brokers
in California.

With more than 30,000 Californian brokers registered on Kiv Insurance, you can find the broker that will provide you the most accurate offer.

Brokers are independent insurance intermediaries who find the best coverages and lowest premiums for your insurance needs.

At the opposite of an insurance agent who represents a company, brokers are "on your side". They look for the most competitive rates for your situation and needs.

Brokers are specialized into one or a few insurance subcategories, such as life insurance or car insurance. This is why they will guide you in your insurance choices.

Choose an insurance specialty and find a broker.

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Benefit from tailor-made coverage designed by an insurance professional with Kiv Insurance
We believe that insurance brokers and agents are the most experienced to assist you in choosing your insurance.
Our goal is to match your insurance needs with perfectly suited professionals near you.

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